Michelle has worked with children and adults with developmental delays since the early 2000s and graduated from University of Toronto as a Speech-Language Pathologist in 2010. Starting her career in a consultative role with the Limestone District School Board, Michelle learned the value of early and direct intervention. She came to the Durham region one year later, and spent the following six years working at the local children’s treatment centre.

Michelle fostered her passion for working with children with motor speech and related difficulties as well as those with complex communication needs including augmentative and alternative communication. With ever expanding areas of interest, Michelle strives to use research-based best practice while continuing to innovate and try new things.

In 2013, Michelle took on her first private client, and witnessed first-hand, the benefits of providing speech and language therapy in the home. Her practice expanded over the next four years until 2017, when Michelle left her full-time position at Grandview Children’s Centre to establish Evolve Speech and Language.